Domestic Investigations

Our experience has shown that clients with ‘gut’ feelings are accurate 90% of the time. Listen to your instincts and gain peace of mind by catching a cheating partner.


When facing divorce leave nothing to chance. Once you engage in divorce proceedings our special investigators can obtain information about your ex-husband/wife that can put you in control of your future. Black Diamond Investigations will help you gain control over your child’s future and most importantly their financial stability and personal safety.


Our discreet and confidential services will never compromise the trust between you and your loved ones. Many marriages today involve men and woman who already have children from a previous relationship. Sharing a home with your children and someone new in your life is a huge decision and you want your children to be safe. Get the facts / the absolute truth.


Unfortunately statistics in society today show the prevalent rise of infidelity in marriages. Professional consultants at Black Diamond Investigations will work on your case without involving friends and family. Your trust with loved ones will not be compromised.  Your family’s financial future, health, and well-being are worth fighting for.  Take control of your situation and call Black Diamond Investigations today.

Teen Problems

Do you really know what your teenagers are doing when you are not around? Are you aware of the possible internet predators that may be communicating with your children? Have your child’s clothing, friends, interests, sleeping habits, or attitude changed lately?  Accusing your teen may not be the best approach for one risks breaking the trust barrier. We encourage our clients to gather evidence first. Our firm can develop a plan that will reveal the actions of your teen when you, the parent, are not around.

Child Custody

During the stress of divorce or a lost relationship the fear and heartbreak of child custody can be unbearable. Can you trust the legal system to have the resources to understand your unique situation? Our firm can help you gain piece of mind. We win cases.

Missing Family

Often times the sense of urgency felt by family members is not shared by local law enforcement agencies. Black Diamond Investigations will put together a team to locate individuals who have disappeared for whatever reason. Every minute is crucial; bring your loved one home today.

Family Protection

Your life will immediately change the day you are confronted with a threat toward you or a family member. In the event a tragic situation may occur your loved ones will look to you to protect them. Plan ahead and protect your family from the dangerous world of today.

GPS Tracking

Do you trust your teenagers to drive their younger siblings to school and other daily activities? Are you confident they are driving responsibly? Our GPS global positioning satellite equipment used by agencies like the Black Diamond Investigations, FBI, and the military can determine the details of a commute. This method may also be used to document suspicious activities of a spouse.