Criminal Investigations

Our firm can assign a special investigator to focus on only your case to uncover the facts/the absolute truth.

Fugitive Recovery

Black Diamond Investigations is part of a Nationwide Network of Bail Enforcement Professionals, Fugitive Recovery Agents, and “Bounty Hunters”. Working with our network of professionals while sharing information, agents, and resources will result in quick solutions.

Cold Cases

Any criminal case including murder, rape, and assault can be solved.  Call our lead investigator.

Insurance Fraud

Black Diamond Investigations offers a full service Insurance Fraud Team, which conducts investigations pertaining to Insurance fraud, and Insurance Claim Investigations.

Identity Theft

It is estimated that as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year. Identity theft victims can quickly spend hundreds of hours and money repairing their good name and credit record. Protect yourself today, call Black Diamond Investigations.

Witness Location

Black Diamond Investigations has the tools, knowledge, professional training, and contacts that allow us to find witnesses quickly and affordably. Once a witness is located Black Diamond Investigations can effectively gain information during the interview process that can make the difference between winning and losing a contentious court case.