Civil Investigations

Process Serving

Black Diamond Investigations offers fast, efficient and dependable serving of legal documents. Numerous professional contacts allow us to serve process locally, nationwide and internationally. Our experienced personnel provide related research filing, locating and round-the-clock service. In most cases, same day pickup and issuance is available, including difficult service of process cases.

Black Diamond Investigations can meet you Service of Process needs in any of the following areas:

  • Subpoenas
  • Summons
  • Liens
  • Orders
  • Garnishments
  • Evictions

We are available to call 24 hours a day for your everyday service of process or that hard serve individual.

Asset Searches

We offer comprehensive searches in the U.S., and in numerous countries all over the world. Black Diamond Investigations can identify bank accounts, brokerage accounts, real property, vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, business affiliations, and other valuable assets to satisfy judgements and other debt collection matters. We are the investigative firm trusted by major law firms, government agencies, and financial institutions around the world.

Tenant Evictions

Evicting an individual or business from a rental location is a very delicate issue. Black Diamond Investigations can assist you in many ways during this process. Our professional investigators can serve eviction notices to you renter, videotape the premises before and after the eviction to ensure no damage was done, and as tempers may raise black Diamond Investigations can be present during the eviction to ensure safety of the building, staff, patrons, and movers.

Witness Location

At Black Diamond Investigations, we have the tools, knowledge, professional training and contacts that allow us to find witnesses quickly and that is affordable.

Once a witness is located, Black Diamond Investigations are such effective interviewers that the information they obtain during the interview process can and has made the difference between winning and losing a contentious court case.


Do I need a civil investigation? If you are going to be involved in a court case, the simple answer is “yes.” In many civil trials, proof is everything as the person who presents the most solid case is the one who wins. Simply hiring Black Diamond Investigations can help you find the solid proof you need to make your court case a success. If you are being taken to court or are affected by false accusations, you may need the services of Black Diamond Investigators to find evidence and clear your name.

Black Diamond Investigations offers many kinds of civil investigations, with some more common ones being:

  • Domestic surveillance which can include nanny cams, caregiver background checks, security surveillance, and many types of investigations that ensure that you and everyone in you home remain safe.
  • Personal Injury investigations, which attempt to find out how any injury occurred.
  • Workers compensation investigation, which try to put a stop to insurance fraud.
  • Background checks, which try to determine whether those people you trust with your business or personal life really are deserving of the faith you put in them.
  • Asset searches, which try to uncover hidden funds and valuables owned by debtors, companies, and individuals.
  • Missing Person Investigation
  • Child custody and child abuse investigations, which attempt to uncover possible negligence and mistreatment of minors.
  • Marital investigations, which can include everything from partner surveillance to domestic abuse investigations, premarital investigations, and cheating spouse investigations.

Call Black Diamond Investigations today for your no cost consultation with one of our investigators.